Seamlessly integrate scheduling and medical billing software with your business.

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  • 30 Dec 2021

Seamlessly integrate scheduling and medical billing software with your business.

Medical Billing Software
Medical billing is a process wherein medical bills are prepared and submitted to the insurance company. The progress is then tracked to ensure that the hospital is timely reimbursed for the services they rendered to the patients.

The medical billing procedure is very challenging and time-consuming if performed manually. It is challenging to train people to perform proper billing as the process involves a huge amount of paperwork and a rejected claim may impact the hospital’s revenue system.
In the face of the pandemic where the healthcare industry was continually dealing with the growing number of chronic patients, the manual filing process became cumbersome and impractical. It reinforced the need to integrate medical billing software within the system.

A medical billing software automates the operations, reducing the paperwork and the engagement of personnel. This gives medical professionals more time for important tasks. 

A medical billing software can automate the following operations-
notifications about upcoming and executing payments
verifying the patient’s insurance before his arrival 
digital claim submissions
available patient billing records
individual validation of claims by patients

The software also helps to validate the patient's eligibility for the insurance coverage and then validate it. With information on the patient’s insurance plan, the staff is well equipped to claim and receive rightful payment for their services.

Scheduling Software
A scheduling software covers two important aspects—medical staff scheduling and patient scheduling. Medical staff scheduling is an internal solution that optimizes the creation of the schedules of the healthcare personnel. Using medical staff scheduling software reduces the friction in creating schedules. It ensures that the human resources are managed efficiently. The right person at the right place at the right time improves patient care while reducing overall costs.

Patient scheduling software is an external solution that allows patients to schedule their own appointments with their physician. It empowers the patients in taking the first step towards their health.

Although it may seem like a daunting task, medical billing software and scheduling software can be easily integrated into the existing internal software systems like EHR or EMR. The decision that next needs to be taken is whether a ready solution is to be adopted or a custom-made solution is to be designed.

The first step is to check for a demo software and then modify it according to the specific needs. With medical billing software, it would be best to register all the insurance providers in the market. This will allow ease in collecting payments. 

Doctors, physicians, technical staff and nurses—anyone who will use the software must be consulted during the entire development cycle. Their feedback would improve the practical use of the software in the future.

The need to select an appropriate user interface is noteworthy. It will help in the smooth integration with the existing system.

Once this has been done, it is necessary to ensure that the software is scalable and would be able to take on the expansion in the years to come. It is critical to establish a system for regular software upgradation. It will prevent any inconveniences and hassles of backlogs.