Health First offers services that meet the needs of healthcare leaders today.

The healthcare industry is adapting to changing customer expectations by integrating technology into the patient experience and adding personalization. The necessity of improved and memorable transactions with patients has become prominently evident today.

Health First can help you use people skills combined with modern technologies required to turn interactions into better health outcomes!

The healthcare industry faces remarkable challenges in terms of fragmented supply chains, poor cost margins, skyrocketing R&D expenses, and compliance pressures. The answer lies in leveraging the power of new-age digital technologies to automate processes, enable data-driven decisions, and expand innovation while ensuring minimal risks, redundancies, and costs.

HealthFirst is a global leader in providing healthcare software solutions that empower stakeholders across the health and care ecosystem in today’s world of constant disruption. We harness the full potential of modern technologies such as Mobility, Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, and Wearable. This helps the organizations transform from traditional bricks-and-mortar to a remote, hyperconnected service ecosystem and deliver personalized, efficient care at the speed of change.

Service description

Patient Access

Helping patients make informed decisions and understand their healthcare options is our #1 priority. We are here to help you through the process of understanding what's best for your needs. We work through all channels, including 24/7 live chat service representatives who can be reached by executives at any point of time, a phone number listed on every page and through mobile apps that provide an additional access point.

Patient Outcomes

With a Cloud-based Omnichannel solution that supports patients in their channel of choice, the post-treatment follow-up process will be enhanced. Since all the interactions are captured and there’s a better access to health information, we can provide highly accurate responses to member inquiries.

Al-enabled Patient Care

Al and Analytics engines empower the agents to deliver personalized support. Imagine Knowledge Bases that learn with each interaction and a proactive algorithm that proactively assists your staff in the best way possible for member care- we can help you reach the pinnacle of personalised patient support!

Process Efficiency

Our Process Consultants identify outdated processes causing bottlenecks and confusion in the system. They take an innovative approach to finding areas for improvement, efficiency and cost reduction like Six Sigma that can help improve your business's bottom line.

Medical Device Support

Our intelligent device support teams monitor device functionality within its connected lot ecosystem and the vitals for any red flags. This improves the focus on predictability modelling and risk mitigation. We can help you manage compliance & intervention by providing the most reliable and unprecedented services in the industry so that your company is always prepared to face every situation.

Reputation Management

It's impossible to be 100% prepared for recalls and privacy invasion fraud but you can take proper precautions. Our Risk Management experts will help ensure that your company is ready with a variety of options such as handling device recriminations and monitoring online communities while also enhancing ID verification programs at the request of our clients.