Healthfirst is built entirely for supporting digital companies. We are Technology Accelerators bringing in visible transformation for our clients through automation, adoption of leading edge integrated development platforms, CI/CD, Dev Ops, Cloud, and Big Data.

Healthfirst's healthcare IT teams are passionate about helping companies transform their data into actionable insights. We have one of the most experienced engineering teams in this space. We pride ourselves on our long-standing partnerships with leading technology companies that allow us to deliver innovative solutions tailored specifically for your business needs.

HealthFirst's mission is to bridge the gap between patient-centred data and provider needs. Our specialized professionals work closely together with you, each step of the way— from idea conception till its implementation. They are trained to bring out a unique solution in congruence with your situational requirements!

This will lead to the creation of a platform for patients that empower them with an aggregated view of their own medical history. This is done by offering greater access through external health systems or wearables.