AI & Bots

Next-generation technology will facilitate the companies in meeting their customers’ demands. A new AI-powered chatbot is an ingenuous way to revolutionize how companies communicate with their clients.
The conversational bot will serve as an exemplary first step in the digital transformation. It will provide solutions for high volumes of cases with minimum efforts from the customers. It will assist in enhancing the databases at lightning speed while understanding human needs more than ever!
For a bot to successfully work for your business, it is essential to choose the one that aptly meets your requirements. 

Informational bots are one of the best ways to improve customer experience and reduce contact centre volume. Bots can answer generic FAQs in a natural language. Consequently, you will not need a human operator for every question. This will save both time and money!

Integrated with a brand's enterprise system, personalized bots have access to specific customer data enabling interaction and resolution on an individual level. From troubleshooting WiFi connections to providing targeted online shopping offers for customers in need of assistance from their favourite brands, these chatbots effectively improve First Contact Resolution (FCR).

These bots are an integral part of the company's back-end system. They execute specific transactions on behalf of the customers, such as changing payment methods or account plans. This improves operational efficiency in the process.

Mobility Solutions

The increased usage of mobiles and tablets has created a mobile era where they own a major share of the web traffic, with an upward rising trend. Everyone has gone mobile. The mobile interface defines the customer experience today. Companies must be willing to effectively embrace this trend to gain a competitive advantage. Since the consumers crave for instant gratification and consume data on-the-go, it is essential that companies redesign their user interface to accommodate accordingly.

The path to a mobile-first strategy is varied. We can help you take the right approach for your company and learn what will work best with your current processes, technologies, or business goals in mind. Take our guided tour through all these options to better equip you on how to move forward!

Mobile Strategy Consulting
Healthfirst assists in the formulation of strategies, ROI evaluation, selecting the suitable device App migration and even the design of infrastructure. We even assist in strategizing, creating, planning and making the most from mobile devices and apps.

Mobile App Development
If you're looking for a team to help build your next app or mobile technology, we can deliver frictionless user experiences. With years of frontline customer service experience and expertise in native apps & cross-platform development on desktops/ dispensaries; tablets/ smartphones (including smart IoT devices), our engineers will work with you to develop an application that is precisely what the customer wants!

Enterprise App Development
Legacy systems are a thing of the past, and it's time to retire them. Connect siloed applications with unified experiences so you can deliver one seamless digital experience for any internal or external customer base! We leverage current mobile technology, multi-platform engineering processes that lead us down an innovative path in enterprise operations - streamlining all areas seamlessly together.

Mobile / Smart Device Testing
We provide a high-quality mobile application development service to ensure your customers have an enjoyable experience with the app. We test our applications extensively and use automation for efficiency, so you don't need time away from work too.

Big Data

Embrace the power of Big Data and analytics to make informed business decisions.
We enable data capturing from diverse sources and help predict about what may happen in a given situation. This is done by delivering solutions that provide actionable intelligence or insights for quick decision-making along with the next best actions at your fingertips.

Strategy Consulting
With our strategic guidance on design and architecture, process re-engineering, BI system analysis, or infrastructure setup and management, you can unlock previously hidden insights. This strategic consultation will pave a way towards increased productivity.
Enterprise Data Management
To migrate from other BI platforms or upgrade your current version, we offer data modelling expertise, focusing on master data management. We also ensure that the security and privacy concerns are met throughout the stages of the process for best results.
Development & Integration
Enable enterprise data integration with Big Data, implementation, and testing BI solutions. Enhancements in reporting will bring forward a comprehensive view of your company's performance. The potential improvement opportunities to be acted upon immediately will also be highlighted. 
Analytics & Reporting
Data-driven decision-making is the future of business. With data mining, predictive analysis, and prescriptive modelling, you will be able to make informed decisions about your company's future!
Our team of experts can assist you with the ongoing operations and provide production support, covering long-term maintenance services, monitoring Hadoop infrastructure, or optimizing the performance metrics.

Platform Transformation

The future is digital! Transform your business with our platform transformation solutions and stay ahead in this rapidly changing landscape.

Our platform transformation services help you overcome the challenges and limitations of legacy systems. We provide scalable environments that boost business capabilities and improve agility while lowering capital costs. From Over The Top (OTT) transformations to Business Support Systems Upgrade & Migrate Middleware Transforms Open Source Solutions - we're here for all your needs!

AI & Automation Frameworks
With our AI and Automation Frameworks, you can develop a people-focused strategy that includes quick ROI. The technology will improve the customer experience and the efficiency of your company's processes.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)
We provide leading PaaS services, combining public and cloud foundry-based products to ensure best-in-class solutions. We employ microservices for minor lightweight development and containerization, which makes modularity easy across different environments like AWS or Azure based platforms. This allows you to focus on your application rather than the trouble of infrastructure management.

Digital Frameworks
Re-think the way you do things with our digital frameworks. Innovate and revolutionize your business operations via digitization by leveraging all news in technology today!

UX / UI Design

With our creative design, we can create visually rich compositions that will captivate the customers’ attention. A seamless user experience will ensure that they come back for more. This will, in turn, enhance your brand.

We're passionate about simplifying the life for customers and for businesses. We build intelligent, customer-centric and data-driven experiences to enhance brand loyalty. Our team includes a group of strategists, user experience (UX) designers, and visualizers who work tirelessly day in and out on projects that create a magnificent world through technology!

Information Architecture (IA)
Information Architecture is both an art and a science. Using customer-centric and data-driven insights, we define the best visual architecture that meets your customers' needs while meeting the business objectives. IA's patented Design Thinking processes helps ensure success.

Design & Development
We build websites tailored to your needs and preferences to facilitate an exceptional user experience across all platforms.
Usability Testing
We perform comparative and explorative usability tests along with an in-depth evaluation of your interface which is critical to success. We help create an effortless experience for the users of your website or app. Consequently, they won’t have any trouble achieving their goals.

Are you looking for a strategic guidance? Our digital experts can provide the advice and designs to make sure your products meet your business goals and delight the customers.
Digital Care Grader
This process provides a thorough evaluation of the quality and experiences that your company offers online. Evaluated through our Digital Care Grader, you can have an expert to judge how well-maintained it is for the users. The data based on consumer behaviour and psychology helps generate personalized recommendations!