Revamping the future of the insurance industry

We develop insurance software solutions to help the insurance enterprises in transforming into digitally-mature organizations. Our innovative solutions propel the insurers to take a giant leap towards Digital Transformation and unlock benefits such as higher productivity, faster time-to-market, reduced costs, knowledge retention, and improved governance.

Drawing from our vast experience, we help the insurance industry ascertain the bigger picture and overcome any digital disruption, cutting through all the noise out there. From sales to services to underwriting, we establish long-lasting partnerships with insurance carriers to foster digital innovation through our cutting-edge InsurTech.

As a leader in design thinking, HealthFirst has created a unique technology to be a solution for the future of insurance. To focus on strategic objectives, we help in transforming the business through analytics and automation using cloud technologies.

Health First offers client solutions because we understand the importance of providing you with tools and inculcating new methods of looking at problems. This will ensure that your organization grows into its optimal potential without getting stuck between the transition of today and tomorrow.

Insurance Services

Customer Engagement

Companies are changing the way they do business to serve their customers better. Insurance carriers need help from Health First's customer experience labs when designing new ways of engaging with prospects and clients across all platforms. They intend to meet those individuals' demands on a seamless journey throughout various channels. This "outside-in" approach enables them to understand what matters the most about any consumer/ client before deciding how best to design the products or services for them as part of this process using Design Thinking techniques.

Policy Acquisition and Distribution

Carriers who want to grow their businesses need partners that understand the value each customer brings. Health First provides end-to-end services for adapting and streamlining every aspect of a carrier's operations, including policy acquisition processes with chatbots and conversational AI systems. Everything is designed in a manner that provides as a seamless experience from start to finish.


Insurance carriers seek to optimize the underwriting process for efficiency, speed and accuracy. Health First's digital-first approach simplifies their efforts in this area by using analytics with AI that helps them assess risk exposure and prepare premiums more quickly than before without sacrificing customer satisfaction or profitability.

A typical insurance company will spend hours doing paperwork to set up an appointment at some point during the business day when a new applicant comes along looking for coverage! That's where we come into play. Our suite of solutions, based on data analysis, allows the companies to reduce human errors. This increases the productivity resulting into increased overall profits.

Policy Administration

Insurance carriers need a policy administration process to respond to ever-changing business needs. With Health First's end-to-end lifecycle management, you can issue policies and manage customer support throughout all the stages from claim submission till the end, including renewals or cancellations if necessary!

Claims Management

Insurance companies strive to improve the quality of their services. At Health First, we provide comprehensive solutions for improving claims processing from initial filing through settlement or subrogation processes. An emphasis on automation reduces costs, increases the accuracy and speeds up service delivery times.

Finance Transformation

Being a vital function of an insurance company, finance is under constant scrutiny for compliance and visibility. Agile approaches to problem-solving with predictive analytics or intelligent digital solutions like Health First's products are the need of the hour. They help CFOs optimize the working capital in areas such as performance management by driving continuous improvement on processes related to DSO/DPO & setting up successful operating models across credit control billing collections premiums reconciliation suspense management.

Actuarial Services

Our team of professionals uses cutting-edge analytics to offer actuarial services in risk estimation, catastrophe modelling, and pricing. We deliver on key performance metrics such as geocoding accuracy that goes beyond industry benchmark levels with our tailored approach for each client's individual needs.

Reinsurance Accounting

Insurers need to deal with reporting, accounting, and measurement models challenges. Helping them do so are the experts at Health First who provide industry-leading expertise and services like suspense message processing, catastrophe coding for reinsurance bordereau preparation, outwards collection & reconciliation, aged debt treaty FAC setup endorsement processing statistics report preparation.